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Propose a Presidium

Name of product in English,
in local language and in any relevant dialects:
Brief Description:  
Historic area of production:  
Is the product produced in
the historic production area?
  Yes No
If yes, in what volume?  
Name and address of any relevant contact or producer:  
Name of person responsible for nominating product:  
Does exist a Presidium Coordinator? If yes please fill in below
Name of the Coordinator  
ZIP code  
Is there currently an association representing producers/breeders?  
Does exist a written production protocol adopted from all producers?  
What are the Presidium targets?
(price, market-value, publicity)
What does the Presidium need to develop in an optimally?
Qualified technical assistance   Yes No
Promotion   Yes No
Improvement of local retail sale   Yes No
Improvement of sales outside the historic production area   Yes No
Improvement of tourism   Yes No
Nominator Data
Name of nominator  
Privacy information
The personal data of individuals and other subjects is protected Under article 7 D. Lgs 196/2003. Collected data will be used, directly or also through third parties, exclusively for purposes relating to registration and statistical processing. The handling of data in paper or electronic formats will be carried out in a way which guarantees security and privacy. The registration can only be completed with consent to the treatment of personal data.


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