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1. The guidelines only apply to the product: “unrefined sea salt”, i.e. obtained by physical and mechanical processing involving grading, washing with water and separation from water to produce a product with a particular maximum moisture content. The resulting product does not undergo refining.
This means that “mineral salt” and “refined sea salt” are excluded.

2. Harvesting must be from salt pans traditionally used for extracting salt.

3. The extraction pans must be protected from sources of environmental pollution.

4. Extraction must only be carried out using solar evaporation processes and precipitation of sodium chloride.

5. It is not permitted to use mechanical harvesting; only manual harvesting is allowed.

6. It is not permitted to carry out any form of salt washing using concentrated salt solutions.

7. The salt must be stored in a natural environment with coverings that allow a slow, continuous loss of moisture.

8. Al l conditioning and packaging stages must be carried out in hygienic premises, and must be done within the geographical area of origin.

9. It is not permitted to add mineral salts and/or microelements to the product.

10. It is only permitted to use smoking and flavoring processes if they are connected with traditional regional processing.
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