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Pastries, cakes and sweets

1 - The ingredients used for the product must be of local origin or, where it is impossible to source them in their historical area, they should come from within the same region (unless they are ingredients that are necessarily and historically from abroad, e.g. vanilla, cocoa or coffee).

3 - It is not permitted to use industrial or artificial aromas. It is also not permitted to use natural aromas allowed by law, unless the substances are self-produced.

4 - It is absolutely not permitted to use any type of preservative, colorant, artificial sweetener or additive. Eggs must not be freeze-dried or frozen and should preferably be organic. It is not permitted to use emulsifying agents such as mono or diglycerides, flavor enhancers, coating agents, or moisturizers.

5 - The raw materials must be of high quality and obtained using traditional methods as far as possible. Flour should preferably be stone ground. Original raw materials must be used and not semi-processed products made by external producers.
It is not permitted to use margarine, or other substitutes for higher quality ingredients.

6 - No ingredient may come from genetically modified crops.

7 - For pastries, cakes and sweets which require leavening, it is advisable to avoid artificially heated environments to force rising. In such cases it is preferable to use mother culture or natural yeast obtained from the acid dough kept by the artisan producer (made from flour,
water and lactic or fruit acid activators) which are periodically ‘refreshed'. The reworking of frozen or partially cooked dough is not permitted.

8 - Processing methods must be specified for each form and type of typical pastry, cake or sweet. In particular, the ingredients (and their origin for main ingredients) must be indicated and details given for essential stages such as the following:
- Dough (hand mixed or with suitable mixer; times and methods)
- Leavening (if applicable: times, temperature, yeast type and dosage)
- Shaping (with manual separation and shaping; forms and sizes)
- Resting period (times, temperatures)
- Baking (type of oven; type of heating; times and temperatures; extent and visible indications for wood-fire baking; final appearance of product)
- Packaging (methods and procedures, sizes, shapes, forms, packaging materials, information
and advice on labels, presentation)
- Storage, transport and preservation (methods and conditions, transport requirements)

9 - The final product must be preserved naturally without the use of chemicals.
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