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Vegetable Preserves

1 - The characterizing ingredient of Presidium vegetable preserves must be the particular variety produced by the Presidium. Presidia for preserves using wild harvested ingredients can only be created in the case that: the wild products are not endangered, their use is sustainable or the
product can be cultivated and reproduced; and the Presidium project also involves the preservation and protection of a particular food processing or conserving technique.

2 - Cultivation of the main ingredient defined in 1 above must follow the guidelines for the production rules for vegetable and fruit Presidia.

3 - The secondary ingredients used must preferably be of local origin (with the exception of sugar, spices or other ingredients that have been historically purchased on foreign markets because they cannot be produced nationally).
Only high quality natural ingredients must be used for preparing preserves and processed products.
Where oil is used it must be extravirgin olive oil from olives of local or national origin, and it must be necessarily delicate in character to ensure optimal preservation of the product. Salt should be of national origin if possible.

4 - Cooking processes must use methods which optimally control variable physical parameters (water, pH, time and temperature) so as to protect the biological properties and sensory qualities of the raw ingredients, while also guaranteeing the food safety and shelf life of the final product.

5 - It is not permitted to use dehydrating or freeze-drying agents, or artificial aromas.

6 - The use of additives, supplements or synthetic processing aids such as sweeteners, thickening agents, gelatinizing agents, emulsifiers, stabilizers, antioxidants, colorants sulfites or zeolites is not permitted.

7 - All ingredients, whether main or secondary, used in producing Presidium preserves must be GM free.

8 - Conditioning, treatment and processing of raw materials must comply with traditional practices or use methods that enhance the sensory qualities of the product.
Preparations where the Presidium product is not a characterizing ingredient but is used together with numerous other additional ingredients (e.g. in sauces, pastes, creams, beer etc.) shall not be considered to be processed products belonging to the Presidium.

9 - The Presidium preserves must be packaged in glass or internally coated metal jars (primary packaging). Secondary packaging and wrapping must be ecologically compatible and with low environmental impact.
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