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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus

Happy Birthday Slow Food Italy!

Over 300 piazzas in tiny villages and big cities around Italy will become the venue for a nationwide party celebrating the first 25 years of Slow Food Italy on Saturday June 18. For this first Slow Food Day, convivia around the country will be organizing activities with local producers and initiatives to support some of Slow Food's major projects, like the Thousand Gardens in Africa, the Presidia and the Earth Markets.

From the north to the south, the challenge of raising funds to create a thousand food gardens in Africa has been welcomed with enthusiasm. In Lentini, in Sicily, the convivium will prepare a fair-trade bag of local specialties, while in Montevarchi, Tuscany, the Valdarno Convivium will celebrate with Soul Food, a dinner organized to explain the project and raise funds. In Rome, old and young will gather for a picnic in the Garbatella cooperative garden. Green-thumbed friends of Slow Food can find the Marcopolo Environmental Group in piazzas in Milan, Turin and Sanremo. Through the sale of Humus Anenzy® (derived from treated and traceable livestock manure and used for microbiorestructuring soil), Marcopolo will help Slow Food support the Thousand Gardens in Africa project.


Slow Food Day will also be celebrated at Italy's Earth Markets. In Milan, music and poetry will accompany international Slow Food Presidia and taste workshops, while in San Miniato the market's producers and the Mallegato Preisdium will participate in the presentation of the Slow Food manifesto in defense of Italian olive growing. The whole network of Italy's Earth Markets-Ciampino, Bologna, Montevarchi, Sarzana, Cervignano and others-will be celebrating the anniversary.


In Feltre, in Veneto, a cycling trip will take adults and children on a tour to discover the Presidia for Gialèt beans and barley from the Belluno valleys and the food communities of Sponcio corn and Feltrino walnut producers as well as ancient varieties of apples and pears, Lamon sheep and traditional chicken breeds. Further south, in Messina, producers from Sicilian Presidia (Nebrodi Black Pig, Nebrodi Provola, Salina Caper, Interdonato Lemon) and local food communities (Giampilieri farmers, Strait fishers, Nebrodi beekeepers and food producers) will come together in the piazza for the launch of a fair-trade buying group.


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