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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus

South Korea Rallies Behind African Gardens

Supporters of the Thousand Gardens in Africa project are mobilizing all over the world, with particularly strong support arriving from South Korea and a cooperative of farmers and consumers called Hansalim. Thanks to its backing, the Slow Food Foundation will be able to create 21 new vegetable gardens in Africa.

The name Hansalim comes from han ("all living beings" in Korean) and salim ("to give life"). The union of these two words summarizes the cooperative's mission: to save all forms of life, as well as preserving biodiversity in every corner of the planet and promoting the central role of women in the transmission of traditional knowledge.


The Hansalim cooperative brings together over 225,000 consumers and 2,000 producers, who share an alternative way of life based on ecological ethics. The cooperative has been committed to producing local food and promoting organic and sustainable agriculture since it was founded in 1986. In supporting the creation of 21 gardens, Hansalim is making an important gesture of solidarity, creating an ever stronger and more tangible Terra Madre network.


The network of supporters of the Thousand Gardens in Africa project, launched at Terra Madre 2010, is expanding every month, as associations, businesses, public and private organizations, Slow Food convivia, restaurants, teachers, parents and families pledge their support. All are firmly convinced of the importance of food production that respects environmental resources, biodiversity and cultural identity.


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