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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus

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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus - Ark of Taste


National Commission

President: Albert Reinders 
Agriculture consultant specialized in animal breeding with own sustainable farm within NATURA 2000 site "Podisul Hârtibaciului"

Gabriel Turcu 
Lawyer, specialized in protection of intellectual property rights and the problem of anti counterfeiting in Romania. He is representative in Romania of more than 50 international companies. Beside his job he is highly passionate about food culture.

Lenke Balint 
Tourist Development & Marketing officer. Eco tourism, organizing famer markets and sustainable development strategies are her working skills beside a passion for cooking and culture

Marta Pozsony 
Project coordinator for all Slowfood and educational projects in and around Turda and organizer of the Turda Cooking Club.

Sandor Stanescu 
Historian specialized in Roman history and civilization with a passion for Romanian food history and cooking.

Tiberiu Cazacioc 
Senior communication consultant. Strongly connect to the rual area of Romania. Member of the Radu Anton Foundation and coordinator of the Slow Food Earth Market in Bucharest

Sorin Neculae 
Romanian-Finnish translator who has together with his wife and kids a bio fruit farm where they make cold pressed syrups and jams. This year they will expand there business with dried fruits and spontaneous flora.
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