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Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity Onlus - Ark of Taste


National Commission


President: Bernd Kajtna

an agronomist with a degree in agricultural sciences from the University of natural resources and life sciences (BOKU), Vienna and since 1999 responsible at Arche Noah (private organization for preserving and developing the diversity of cultural plants) for the department of crop plants, collection of fruits and berries and project management for on farm preservation. Since 2005 as Deputy General Manager responsible for the general direction of the association and since October 2010 president of the national Austrian arc commission.



Manfred Flieser
is Conviviumleader of Slow Food Styria, international council for Slow Food, a freelance journalist as well as a restaurant critic and publisher of food and wine guides with personally tested recommendations of the region for wine and food which are produced in alignment with the Slow Food philosophy as well as a children's cook book for breakfast and snack ideas.


Philipp Braun
is proprietor of an insurance agency and economist with a degree from the university Linz (with thesis focus on sustainability, policy and globalization).
Since 2006 he studies agriculture at the University of natural resources and life sciences (BOKU), Vienna with specialisation in agricultural economics and organic farming.
Besides beeing Conviviumleader from Linz he is project collaborator of the Institute for environment-peace-development (IUFE), abstractor of the Klimabündnis Upper Austria, member of the consumer advisory council of Upper Austria, certified field guide by the chamber of agriculture and did research trips to Bolivia and Sri Lanka.


Stefan Gruber
Stephan Gruber studied physics, philosophy, education theory and indology at the University of Vienna, where he obtained his doctorate with a thesis on medical physics. Numerous international publications and conferences followed. In addition Gruber holds lectures at the Medical University and a technical high school. His interest for food products and for small rural structures goes back to his youth. In 2002 Gruber started the first virtual farmers' market which was limited to one region of Vorarlberg. In collaboration with Barbara van Melle he later created another virtual farmers' market - - for the best producers of Austria. For three years he is the co-Convivium leader of Slow Food Vienna.


Barbara Soritz
organic farmer and breeder of rare farm animals (Altsteier chicken, Austrian geese and Krainer stonesheep).
As a networker in the agricultural sector she works in the board of the sheep breeders association, Bio Austria (association for organic farmers), Arche Austria and different producer associations. In the national Arc commission she represents Arche Austria - association for preservation of rare farm animals.


Bernhard Kaar
saffron farmer, initiator and coordinator of the Presidio Wachauer Safran, holding a degree in ecology from the University of Vienna. Has worked as a research assistant for the institute of organic farming at the University of natural resources and life sciences (BOKU), then worked for the European Commission a delegate for one year project based in Kathmandu/Nepal as well as for the department for research and development at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management for another three years. In the national Arc commission he acts as the representative for the producers of Austrian Presidi.


Jürgen Schmücking
is PR-consultant mainly for producers of organic food & beverage. His clients are organic wineries, cheese makers and distillers. He is also lecturer for "Organic Marketing" at Austrian Marketing University and serves as judge in national and international wine awards. He also has a strong emphasis on the Asian market, mainly Japan. His articles on organic, natural and sustainable food & wine can be found in renowned books and magazines. In september 2010 his third book covering organic liqueurs and spirits was published. He re-founded Slow Food Convivium Tirol in 2009 and serves as deputy Convivium leader.


Tena Mimica
studied social and cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna, wrote her thesis on
the socio-cultural role of farmers markets in Croatia. Since 2009 she is responsible for the Archeprojekt - a cooperation between the SF Vienna and three Austrian NGOs, namely Arche Noah (working on safeguarding the biodiversity of cultivated plants), Arche Austria (working on safeguarding native animal breeds) and Bio Austria (Austrian Organic Farmers Association) with the goal to sustain and promote regional food diversity by supporting small farmers in the marketing of organically/ sustainably produced (bio-)diversity-products and the implementation of the Slow Food Ark of Taste and Presidi-Projects in Austria.


Gabriele Gansler
Conviviumleader of Slow Food Weinviertel who strongly focuses on saving and protecting Weinviertel's biodiversity as well as strengthening the position of the local private food producers and local handicraft. Gabriele Gansler a certified management Consultant is head of a consulting company focusing on small and medium enterprises with the focal point on export, logistic, consulting, sustainable development (CSR consultant), expert monitoring and establishment or takeover of companies.


Ekkehard Lughofer 
is a student of agronomy at the University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences, Vienna (BOKU) with focus on organic agriculture and agricultural economics. 
After beeing part of the youth delegation at Terra Madre 2008, together with some colleagues from different Universities he started a Slow Food Youth - Project in Vienna and works as its coordinator since then. More details about the project at:


Kerstin Rohrer
Public Relations consultant, proprietress of fair PR e.U. in Vienna. Focus on wine, food and fairtrade-products, cooperations with FAIRTRADE Austria and Label STEP/MaxHavelaar Switzerland; workshops, wine tastings and "food experiences" in cooperation with; founding member and Conviviumleader of Slow Food Burgenland. Degree in political science and communications science from University of Vienna, MAS (PR), WSET-Diploma in Wine and Spirits. Grew up at her parent's farm and winery in Burgenland and has a strong affinity to nature and regional food; loves to connect people.


Robert Paget
Born 1952 in Vienna, studies in biology, starting of ecological farming in 1979, focus on goat rearing and cheese production. Since 1989 experienc e in social work in India with  farmers. Since 2003 rearing of buffalos for cheese production and direct sale at the farm. Slow Food activities in Primary Schools, cheese courses and others. Founding member and Conviviumleader of Slow Food Wachau_plus.


Helmut Hundlinger
Born 1952 in Horn, CEO of Hundlinger Bürotechnik and HandelsGesmbH Horn since 1988. Conviviumleader of Slow Food Waldviertel since 2001. He was committed in the implementation of the project „Citta Slow Horn".


Claus Holler
has not completed the study of medicine due to identification problems with conventional medicine. Nevertheless he worked since this time as scientist in the fields of nutrition, metabolic diseases, food quality, ecology and prevention. Umpteen publications in national and international journals, books and book contributions. His main interest at the moment focuses on the measurement of food quality, far away from the usual chemical-analytical practice, using and developing new unconventional measurement technics. Currently he is responsible for the areas nutrition, health and canteen meals by BIO AUSTRIA, an organisation which represents the organic farmers interests (

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